Netflux: “D.C. Cab”

I used Netflix’s streaming service to watch this one, which probably gives some indication of its quality. The reason you might want to watch this movie is probably the reason I wanted to: to see performances from some of the all-time greats: Adam Baldwin (of Chuck and Firefly fame), Mr. T, Bill Maher, Paul Rodriguez, Bob Zmuda and the incomparable Gary Busey. A lot of people say that Gary Busey has gone off the deep end lately. I think this movie (from 1983) proves that he was off the deep end long long ago!

The movie doesn’t really go anywhere for the first hour or so; all of the actors just get to play themselves being themselves with no plot getting in their way. They all do a great job, of course, but there isn’t enough of them! There are so many characters in the movie that you can’t gain a full appreciation for their antics individually.

Anyway, the movie is ostensibly set in D.C., which is my home base. I enjoyed some of the various D.C. callouts, and I didn’t see one coming when I should have. When the team meets at “Abe’s Place,” we eventually find out it’s the Lincoln Memorial they mean. Mr. T makes the Silent Bob speech of the movie, and then salutes Lincoln himself. It would be stirring if it wasn’t so absurd! Luckily, I enjoy absurd. If you do too, you should see this one!


My Weekly Social Event

Today I went to my very first meetup – groups of people with similar interests who find each other on  This was the DC Area Scrabble Group, and we met in Rosslyn, Virginia at this little Mexican restaurant there.

I’d been encouraged to go to social events like this by my friends over the past two months, at least.  After the little party I went to last Saturday, this is my second social event in 4 days and I think I am growing to like them.  I am still a little awkward in groups but playing scrabble took the edge off a little bit tonight.

Other than Scrabulous on Facebook, I haven’t really played scrabble more than 2 or 3 times in the past few years.  I felt a little rusty,  but I couldn’t really tell because the first game I played was against a scrabble master.  He beat me 340 to 287, I think, and had a bingo bonus with TAURINE, which I had never even heard of.   I was very impressed and intimidated.

My second game was also against good players – it was a four player game, me, two fine fellows and a very awesome lady.  They were all regulars to the group, so the whole night I didn’t get to play with any of the other newbies.  That’s probably okay, if I’m going to become a regular I should try to get to know them.

I won the four player game, by the way, by a large factor.  I had a bingo in that game – sORBETS.  I kept having to apologize for making good plays; I didn’t want to dominate!  I just got lucky, really.  Someone took a picture of the board from that game, if I get it I will post it for all to see.

We also played a game called speed scrabble, which I had never done before, and I was pretty terrible at.  You mix up the tiles in the middle, pull seven out, and try to make your own little scrabble board out of them.  Every time someone completes a scrabble board, they say “go!” and everyone has to pull another tile.  It’s a little frantic.

My ulterior motive, I suppose, was to meet girls.  I think that’s pretty standard for meetups.  There were at least 8 or 9 girls but I only played with one and interacted with one or two more.  I did make some good guy friends though, the three of us walked back to the metro together and chatted.  It was a good evening, maybe next time you should come with me.

Sorry, Guests == More Fun than Blogging

The past few days I haven’t posted because I was having guests and then exhausted (in a good way) from having had guests. My Grinnellian friend Adele and her husband Thomas were visiting for a few days, and I took off work so that we could do a little bit of the tourist thing with me as a (mediocre) guide.

I love visitors, I love Grinnellians, and I had a great time!

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Put in all the stops

This map of the Metro transit system that could be is amazing.  Who wouldn’t want to take the Metro from BWI airport to Wolf Trap?

It is missing only one thing!  The red line needs to go further!  Metro has some prime real estate at the corner of Georgia Ave and Norbeck road, where they have their kiss and ride for buses.  I would call the stop Norbeck.  And, Olney would be a good place for a stop! I don’t know if the people in Olney would say so, but I would make use of it.

(It’s just a coincidence that the garage at Glenmont, at the end of the current Red Line, where I need to park, is always full, and if they extended the line it would be mostly empty. Right?)