Debate Anyway!

If John McCain doesn’t show up to the debate tomorrow, Barack Obama will need someone to spar with.  He can’t do it alone!  I think it would be good for the country if he debated a few of the third party candidates: Baldwin, Barr, McKinney, and Nader.  I don’t know if it would be good or bad for him personally (and so I don’t know if he would agree to it) but it would be an interesting debate.

I think it would be good for Obama and he should agree to it.  I would wager each and every one of them would take it upon themselves to mention that John McCain was unable to fulfill his obligations as a presidential candidate.  Also, if the conventional wisdom holds, they’ll all come off as crazies leaving Obama standing as the only reasonable one.

In any case, it won’t happen.  The reason for this is that the Commission on Presidential Debates is a bi-partisan organization, when it should really be a non-partisan organization.  Bi-partisanship sounds great until you realize that the two main parties agree the vast majority of the time and both are committed to royally screwing up the country we live in.


The Soda Wars 2008

Coming off of the past two weeks of political conventions reaffirmed in me my take on the current duopoly we have in government.  In nearly every fundamental way, we are being governed by political parties that are akin to Coke and Pepsi.

Both parties launched massive marketing campaigns planned by the same executives used by the big corporations.  They attempted to distinguish their brands by the use of taste tests and media buys, celebrity endorsements and local sponsorships, even while pursuing nearly the same recipe: a police state at home, multiple interventions abroad, heaps of corporate welfare, and an ever-growing public sector that cannot be reined in.

This will be especially clarified in the coming weeks as both candidates swerve towards the center, unable to distinguish themselves on nearly every issue: both offering the same syrupy government largesse with a slightly different flavor.  And even while the two parties are 95% the same, much like those powerhouses of the soft drink industry nearly every one of their consumers will remain fiercely partisan.  Coke *is* better than Pepsi, one will hear.  Another will guarantee that Pepsi is supreme.  Neither of them will waver in their fundamentalist belief that their glass of sugar water is superior to your glass of sugar water.

I’m tired of drinking cola.  Please, can I just for once have a nice refreshing glass of water?

Citizen McCain

Knowing my take on choosing leaders, you should be aware that I reject any reasoning that someone is unfit to lead; people should all be able to make that decision for themselves.

Saying that, I found it interesting that there are questions about John McCain’s eligibility to become President. He was born in the Panama Canal Zone on a military base, which means he may not be a “natural born” citizen, the constitutional requirement.

What I’ve heard is that military families in such situations get citizenship for their families, but have to fill out special forms to guarantee that. I’m all for getting rid of extraneous government forms, and I’m all for letting as many people as possible become citizens of the nation of their choosing, so I hope someone takes this to court. I would hope that it would be declared that these babies are automatically citizens by nature of their birth.