Mario Kart Love Song

I wish I could write songs like this:


Mushrooms in Dungeons…

My friend Nate dropped a link to this song on me.  He must know I have a penchant for songs where it’s just a guy and a piano.  Plus, the Nintendo theme linking back to my childhood ties it all together!

Sometimes I feel like I could write music like this.  I’ve never successfully done it, though.

Finally, a test I can pass

It’s not too often that I get 100% on tests anymore. I used to be able to do it pretty consistently back in school. That’s why I’m pretty happy about:

Yes, tests about video games and obscure dinosaurs with 15 questions can, in fact, be aced by me.

My power is out, or I probably would have got up a post about my reunion. Hopefully I can do one before I forget everything that happened.

Super Smash Procrastinators

Sorry for the dearth of posts today…

I waited in line with my bro for Smash Bros. Brawl last night and then we played it pretty much all day today.

Pit is the only new character that I’ve played so far that I like.  I’m still a fan of Pikachu and Mario.

I promised myself and a few others that I would only be gaming socially in the near future, which is what I did today, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay away from this one.   We’ll see.

Internet Video Straight 2 U

I don’t laugh out loud at very many internet videos, but I very much enjoyed this review of Link’s Weapons from the Legend of Zelda by Lore Sjoberg of Alt Text.