Save Money, Help the Environment, Scare Away Buyers?

Lately the weather has been perfect for turning off my air conditioning and heating and just opening a few windows to let the house breathe.  I spent most of the spring in this state and enjoyed it immensely; I also saved quite a bit of money those two months.

I want to do it again this fall but I’m not sure whether it would hurt me when potential buyers come by to look at my house.  Would they think I don’t have a functioning air conditioner?  Will it not feel and smell as “fresh?”  Will it feel and smell fresher?  I’d ask my realtor but my communication with them is not so good.

So what do you think?


Buy my house!


The realtors came by yesterday and I am amazed at the speed at which things occur once the ball starts rolling. I signed the papers saying I wanted to sell my house, they slapped on a lockbox, and then it was on the market. I’ve already had two calls from realtors wanting to bring people by to look at the house, so that’s kind of exciting.

The picture they chose for the listing on the first day is a little old and a little weird. I hope they fix it before you read this, but we’ll see.  I only had to do a few last minute things to get it ready, they said:

  • check the smoke detectors
  • clean off the dining room table
  • move some things in the basement
  • wipe clean the door
  • empty and get rid of the catbox
  • clean out the screen door runners

So, all of that is done and hopefully everything is about ready.  Apparently, the realtors also list on craigslist, which I find strange and hilarious.


We just showed our prospective realtor(s) around our house and now I’m going to store the list of things I’m supposed to do here:

  • Clean out the basement
  • Caulk the bathtubs
  • Put in a little linoleum edge holder/divider thing in the kitchen
  • Stretch and clean the carpets
  • Clean off the deck
  • Wash down the walls
  • Fill out a disclosure statement

The problem is that I am not very good at getting things like this done. I work, so things have to be done on the weekends, and generally it’s a pain. But this really isn’t very much. The basement and the carpets are the hard part.

If I am not too lazy later, I may post a picture of the basement that needs to be cleaned out, but right now Melissa is making her famous pasta bake and it may be the last time I get to have some.