Mario Kart Love Song

I wish I could write songs like this:


Mushrooms in Dungeons…

My friend Nate dropped a link to this song on me.  He must know I have a penchant for songs where it’s just a guy and a piano.  Plus, the Nintendo theme linking back to my childhood ties it all together!

Sometimes I feel like I could write music like this.  I’ve never successfully done it, though.

Finally, a test I can pass

It’s not too often that I get 100% on tests anymore. I used to be able to do it pretty consistently back in school. That’s why I’m pretty happy about:

Yes, tests about video games and obscure dinosaurs with 15 questions can, in fact, be aced by me.

My power is out, or I probably would have got up a post about my reunion. Hopefully I can do one before I forget everything that happened.

Am I still a shadow priest?


It’s been about two months since I quit playing World of Warcraft. I have a new rule about only gaming socially, when invited by other people, which I hope will prevent me from going overboard and losing myself after Melissa leaves (which is tomorrow). I haven’t even opened my copy of Smash Bros. Brawl. But, in any case, I have been invited to go back to WoW by some of my old gaming friends on Sunday. So, I think I will do that for at least one day. I hope it’s a good one, and I can get in a little bit of all the old PvP we used to do.  I might also be able to play more when I move in with my brother, because we can play together, if he is interested.

Anyway, I was a shadow priest before it was cool to be a shadow priest. Back in the day when we were rejected for groups, called noobs, and generally subjected to all manner of rudenesses. I even got a shout out in a post about how terrible off-specs are! But these days we’re sometimes requested! (at least up until two months ago we were).  I liked the persecution and the uniqueness, but now I’m an accepted member of WoW-society.  So am I really still a shadow priest, or have I lost something?

I really am.  No matter how loved I am, I can still take pride in having been an outsider when it counted!

Has anyone ever quit cold turkey and then come back to be a casual player?  I’m talking casual player like 6 or 8 hours a week, because any more than that and I’ll never get out there and build the friendships and relationships I want to.  Any advice on whether I can and how to do it successfully would be happily accepted!

Not afraid to be obscure

How many of you understand this picture?

You know it’s bad when you’re stealing images from 4chan for your blog.

Cole Reviews Renews

My friend Cole used to run a pretty caustic but popular music review site on the Internet.

He has recently started back up with a site reviewing video games. I would suggest you add it to your RSS reader if you are at all interested in the subject matter, or even if you just like good writing!