Ireland Travelogue – Day Four

September 15, 2009

“A manual in traffic is incorrect.”

Andy got up at 9:15, myself at 10 for a planned checkout of 10:30. Everything went as planned and we walked down O’Connell street with our luggage to catch the air coach back to the airport. We figured out the city bus was a little bit cheaper so we took it instead. We rode out on the top of the double-decker and saw the highways and suburbs of Dublin. Andy prepared for his upcoming task by paying special attention to the traffic idiosyncrasies, including the flashing yellow that occurs after red and before green.

Andy had had the hotel breakfast of bacon and beans so I had a bagel at an airport cafe while he was retrieving his long-awaited funds from a bank at the airport. We then waited on line for Dan Dooley, the Irish car rental company our Dad had recommended. It was by far the longest line for “care hire” with 4 people waiting in it. Andy raised his eyebrows at the €1000 deductible on the insurance since he was going to be driving a left-hand-side manual for the first time. But we hired it and took the shuttle out to where the cars were. Andy drove around the parking lot a bit and only stalled out once before we were off.  I was a bit rusty, it had been about never since I last drove left sided manual.

Instead of going straight to Cork along the highway, we decided to take the coastal road. We drove south to Wicklow, the county that is said to give Ireland its reputation as the Emerald Isle. We stopped in the town of Wicklow and parked at the pay-and-display without paying or displaying, ha ha, chumps, as we didn’t realize what was going on. We walked along the wharf in the coastal town to the Black Castle, a ruin on a piece of land jutting out into the ocean. We walked all around it and took lots of pictures.

Both of us enjoying the view from the ruins of the Black Castle

Both of us enjoying the view from the ruins of the Black Castle

When we got back to the car, we realized we were supposed to pay so I put in €1. Since we had time, we went and had coffee and scones at the local cafe. Andy called his scone a “biscuit” and the lady corrected him. Maybe I just wanted a biscuit ok? The hot chocolate I had was very good. We paid and left.

Even though we were already taking the scenic route, we decided to take the even more scenic route and take the coast road. You couldn’t see anything from the road so we thought we had made the wrong choice until we got to Pirate’s Cove. There was a B&B there and a beautiful view of a long beach and cool windmills far out into the ocean. So the coastal road was worth it after all.

The View from Pirate's Cove

The View from Pirate's Cove

The drive south took a lot longer than we thought it was going to. There were a lot of small towns to drive through (and a few big ones) and the road was not really a highway. One time we were driving through heavy afternoon commuting traffic in Waterford and Andy flooded the engine by revving it too much in first gear. We also made a few wrong turns due to the incompetence of the navigator (me). Andy says “there are no wrong turns, only adventures.” I love that kid.

We ended up nearing Cork and decided to exit early and look for a B&B. We drove down a small road to a town called Gallyvoe where they had a nice hotel and a beach. The beach was chilly but beautiful. We drove back up into the country hills to search for a B&B. We stopped at the first one we found, which was pretty fancy and nice. It was called the Moloney farmhouse. It was down a very long and narrow road and the only room that was vacant had only one bed, but we signed up for it anyway as it was getting dark. We went to have dinner at the Gallyvoe Hotel, got lost, and drove 7 kilometers in the wrong direction. We eventually found it, sat down and ate. Andy had the Duck Confit and I had the Fettuccine and Clams. We retired back to the B&B and looked through their pamphlets in the sitting room to see what to do the next day.

I was offered tea by the proprietor which I turned down because I don’t like tea, being dense and not realizing it was really just an invitation to chat, which I did want to do. Lesson learned, I guess. Andy had a chat with the proprietor’s husband who had a very thick accent.  I think he was drunk….

We retired. The bed was very very soft and I had lots of weird dreams. I hope Andy, who was sharing it with me, didn’t mind.  I got kicked… alot.

Here is a map of where we went on this our fourth day: