More snarky nerdy joke video!

A lot of you seemed to enjoy when I linked the Alt Text video about Link’s weapons from Legend of Zelda. Well then, here’s another easy post for me that you will enjoy!

Alt Text on Superheroines:

Alt Text on Level 1 D&D spells:


Not afraid to be obscure

How many of you understand this picture?

You know it’s bad when you’re stealing images from 4chan for your blog.

Hee hee

Comics are funny.

My brother needs to *ahem* get to work!

Internet Video Straight 2 U

I don’t laugh out loud at very many internet videos, but I very much enjoyed this review of Link’s Weapons from the Legend of Zelda by Lore Sjoberg of Alt Text.

Agorism in action?

On a less serious note, this is definitely some audacious civil disobedience.