Shadow priest: 2v2 arena partners

I know most of my readers are not big on WoW, so I’ll put most of this post under the fold. I actually haven’t played in over a week, and I’m not up on the newest patch, but I can share my thoughts on who you should go into arenas with if you’re a shadow priest. The list goes from worst to best…

paladin 9. Paladins It is my determined opinion that shadow priests do not do well in 2v2 with healers. We go out of mana fairly quickly, and can easily use up our whole pool without killing someone on the opposing team who is getting heals. With this in mind, paladins, arguably the best single target healers in the game, are not a good match. They can keep you alive, it’s true, but once that mana is gone (or burned) your dps will drop to zero. A great retribution paladin, well geared and skilled, may be able to do something against a healing team, but against a mana burn team with good crowd control, you won’t be getting very far at all.

priest 8. Priests Two shadow priests can get pretty far against a team without any dispels. Two priests also have the options of doing a dual mana burn, which works excellent against healing teams. Those good things being said, a team with two of the same class doesn’t have a lot of choices regarding crowd control, and is being screwed out of some useful buffs coming from another class. I’d have to say that a two priest team might be able to stay alive for a while, but they would not win against good opponents.

shaman 7. Shamans Another case of mana anxiety. Though healing shamans have the mana spring totem (and insanely short heal cast times), it’s just a matter of time before you both run out of mana. In general, I think, shamans and paladins are great for 5v5 and even 3v3, but they are weak in 2v2 unless paired with an excellent non-mana-user.

hunter 6. Hunters Hunters suffer the same mana problems as healers. With that caveat, a hunter can put out a lot of dps, has great crowd control, and also has fairly passive mana burn capabilities. Using all of these abilities to the advantage of the team is difficult, and it takes a great player to pull them off. If you have a great player, a hunter can do great against many teams. The problem is when you run up against a team with great melee. The hunter can’t do too much against them and can’t drain their mana.

druid 5. Druids Alternately, the healer that appears highest on the list or the melee that appears lowest. A great feral druid can work wonders with a shadow priest, just like a good warrior or rogue. High dps, high survivability, and no reliance on mana means that the feral druid will have a chance to down an opponent no matter what. Druid healers, on the other hand, are great at kiting and avoiding mana burns. Given a choice between chasing and killing the shadow priest or the healing druid, most teams will go for the druid, which is unusual (shadow priests are almost always the first target). This leaves the shadow priest some freedom to go all out. Moonkins can be good partners, but like hunters, they must know and use all the tricks available to them.

rogue 4. Rogues Ah, the melee classes. A good shadow priest / rogue team will work only if they know how to manage aggro and crowd controls. Sap, fear, blind, kick, and silence will be your friends. You want the shadow priest to gain aggro early (though not early enough that combat begins and sap is unavailable). The rogue needs freedom to get on one opponent. In any case, whichever of you doesn’t have aggro, the other must be doing maximum dps. I am a big fan of two dps teams for shadow priests, as you can probably tell.

mage 3. Mages A great mage should be able to kill anyone, if they are not being harassed. A frost mage, along with their pet, can power through any opposing player and defeat them. The main problem is when the mage is being distracted or crowd controlled or silenced. That’s where you come in, as the shadow priest. Just stay alive, do what damage you can, and get people to attack you. The mage will get the real job done.

warrior 2. Warriors Warriors are probably the fiercest competitor in arenas, hands down. This is why it’s good to have one on your side! Just focus fire on your warrior partner’s target (usually the healer), burn them down, and enjoy your win. They can put out a constant stream of dps, and are near unstoppable if you toss a few dispels their way. Of course, it might be hard to find a warrior who will play alongside a shadow priest; they can do even better with more conventional healers.

warlock 1. Warlocks Warlocks and shadow priests can stack the dots together, and increase each other’s shadow damage, which is great unless the opposing team has a dispeller. This is why I prefer a warlock with unstable affliction as my top teammate in 2v2. Most warlocks go SL/SL spec for arenas, which is a solid spec, and you can go far with one by your side, but for priest partners, UA is the way to go. Warlocks don’t suffer as much of a mana drain problem with life tap, drain life, and siphon life available for when they run out of mana. They also have useful pets which add a bit of a bonus. Finally, a good warlock and a good priest should be able to live forever against pretty much any class except warriors. If you go against a warrior, fear their partner and kill them with dots as quickly as you can. If no warriors, it’s ez mode.

Take all of this with a grain of salt, I’ve never gotten above 1840 on a 2v2 team, so I don’t know what the strategies are in the top tier. Maybe a super-geared shadow priest can do well with a healer, if that’s your experience please leave a comment to that effect. I’m always looking for solid feedback. Also, you can check out my post on shadow priest spell rotations.


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  1. This should be broken into spec per class. For example, a holy pally would suck as a partner, but a ret pally with some good burst melee damage would be much higher on the list. Also, in 2v2 the shadowpriests main strength is not necessarily the VE returns like in PVE, though it does help, but rather his other abilities like silence, fear, and shield. Combine those with the burst damage from a Mind Blast and Shadow Word: Pain combo in order to shut down one opponent while burning the other down.

  2. Wait…there are priests that do DPS?!?

    — Danny


  3. If you value your unmelted face you will back away slowly.

  4. grumble grumble, wannabe warlocks, grumble grumble

  5. Thank you for writing this guide. I have a shadow priest alt who does not raid, and I am doing my best to gear her out in the best gear I can get outside of 25-man content, so in Season 4 I would like to try and hit a 1650 Arena Rating and get the Season 4 caster ring (the Season 4 ring will be one of the best rings you can get outside of raiding even for PvE). I’ve played to 1650+ on my resto druid, and I have a good warlock friend who has played into the 1700s who has agreed to help me get it, so I’m trying to read up and prepare. Would love to hear more (specifically) on doing the Arena with a shadow priest/warlock combo and how to play against other combos.

  6. Your list is pretty inaccurate… rogues are far and away the best partner for an spriest, and warriors far and away one of the worst. Having a warrior without a healer is going to lead to either a quick death or the warrior turtling and doing poor dps.

  7. So, i was actually looking here, cause i was hoping that druids would be the best team mate, for shadow priests….

    But seems like they arent…

    Well i will try, and see how it goes=)

  8. Please let us know how it goes! Maybe with a blog post? I will link to it 🙂

  9. Alright man lemme tell you this. I’ve hit 2k+ every season in 2’s with my warlock partner. UA is NOT the way for your lock partner to go. UA forces a lock to plant his feet for much to longmaking him succeptible to CC and LOS. It’s FAR better to go SL-Fel Guard (for stuns+dps) and Shadow burn. Both my partner and I can hit near 6k in 1.6 seconds of cast (1.5 for mindblast/shadow bolt) and instantaious SW:Death/Shadow burn. thats near 12k dmg in a very short span of time. (not counting in 4-7 extra dots + pet. Only teals that should give you any problem are insanley good druid/rog or druid/lock teams. Even then you can best them with some hard work. Aside from tht most other teams are silly easy. pal/war is bread and butter. casters beware of toungs+silence. only problem is fear’s are on the same CC. BUT if you can time coil + silence in there usualy it doesnt matter.

  10. Thanx!! this gives me hope to find a partner xD

  11. Im teaming with a feral druid in 2v2 now, we just broke 1900 rating, and contuining upwards. The funny thing is, he is tank/feral specced for PvE, and decked out in PvE ferals (t6 tho), and im stuck at 279 resilience, with a dps minded spec, 14/0/47, still we manage to beat druid/rog, druid/war setups with our hands on our back, and closed eyes. What really bothers us, are dual melee setup, ie rogue/rogue, rogue/warrior, luckily we reached the bracker where we dont meet many of those teams, and we meet teams who are pretty much cake for us 🙂 He stealths around, chooses a target to burn, i dot it, run LoS for whatever we are against, and move in los for a quick MB/SW:D, and the opponent who we focus is 99.9% down, leaving the partner alone, which usually results in /leave.

  12. Ur way off the mark with warriors & rogues.

    It comes down to personal preference with the best combo being with a lock or a rogue. All the 2100+ shadow priests are paired with rogues. I play with a lock (SL) in 2s and UA lock in 3’s with a resto shammy (one of the best 3s combos).

    People seem to do alright running with mages/bm hunters. Ret pallys also make a decent combo.

    warriors are terrible partners tho.

  13. Thanks everyone for leaving your comments; I think I didn’t get it exactly right, but this is my most popular post and people who find it will definitely appreciate your input just as much as mine.

  14. For me ignoring all coments best 2v2 partners are 1. warriors, and 2. hunters (markanship) , with rogues i have bad experienses, it´s hard to find a rogue that can protect the shadowpriest in a correct way….

    In any case SP job in 2v2 is to do all dps you can while trying to survive, ´cause most of time you are the one who´s gonna get focused.

    With my warrior team 2200
    With my hunter team 1900

  15. very helpfull

  16. Are you retarded? A holy pally and a rogue are by far the two best team mates a shadowpriest can have in 2v2. Have you ever been loldotted up fully, silenced with mindblast and mindflay, psychic horrored, feared, then HoJ’d for another 5 seconds?
    Just so you know… YOU DONT LIVE.

  17. Hey, i have yet to find a good lock for a 2’s team with my spriest, and rog’s are scarce anymore, any other tips on a good partner? trying to get my friends holy pally for a 2’s team icc healer, lol but if he dont come what should i look for in a god team till i get the hopes better?

  18. The mana problem can be fixed with Shadow Affinity talent, which is very good against dispelers. Anyway my experience shows that shamans aren’t that bad parts for shadow priest (expecialy restoration if he has good crowd control). Rogues also since they have a lot of long crowd control spells. I’ve never had high rate in 2v2, becouse there always is anti-combo. If you are shadow priest looking for high rated team – try 3v3 with resto shaman and frost mage or mm hunter.

  19. vc n sabe quem eu so no meu Serve so um dos caras mais respeitados eu so fasso pesquisar pra saber quem esta serto ou mais tipow tem algumas coisas erradas ai mais n posso falar nda pt tbm ta serto So postei isso por vc falar q n tem leitores q são respeitados no serte eu pessoalmente so uma Priest shadow e eu so um cara muito respeitado !!!

    So postei por dar bobeira

  20. ret pally or a dk are the best a spriest can have i got a 2200 rating…

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